Airtel Offers Free 3G Data for 6 months on New Samsung Galaxy S5

Both prepaid and post paid customers of Airtel can enjoy the exciting offer of free 3G data for a period of 6 months...
Airtel introduced an offer applicable from April 12,2014 for its customers in all circles. The offer is available for both existing and new customers of both pre paid and post paid customers.
Airtel Offer Free 3G Data for 6 months on New Samsung Galaxy S5
Prepaid subscribers: with new Samsung S5 handset purchase Airtel will provide 2GB monthly 3G data for 2 months in Airtel 3G circles. In Airtel 2G circles customer will obtain 2GB per month 2G data for 2months period. Offer will be purveyed on first Active SIM inserted into new Samsung Galaxy S5 device.

Post Paid subscribers: In Airtel 3G circles with new Samsung S5 purchase Airtel will provide 1 GB 3G data per month for 6 months period on selection of myPlan 399 or above and 3G data booster of 1 GB or more plans. In Airtel 2G circles it is similar to the above 3G circle.

Airtel will provide 1 GB 2G data per month for 6 months period on selection of myPlan 399 or above and 2G data booster of 1 GB or greater. Offer will be purveyed on first Active SIM inserted into new Samsung Galaxy S5 device.

Post paid customers to avail the offer has to send SMS GS5 to 51619. Customers can avail the plan on purchase of new Samsung S5 and subscribe to relevant plans from Airtel outlets. SMS ARC <pincode> to 121 from Airtel number to shift to eligible plans from the ARC.

BSNL Updated Pulse Rate, Tariff & Commission for PCOs

With view of rationalization BSNL took the step to refresh the public calling office area tariff rates...
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) the most reliable telecom operator in the country with largest network base has announced the updation of Pulse Rate, Tariff & Commission Structure, Minimum guarantee for all categories of Landline & WLL – Fixed PCOs including CCB, PCO, R&G PCO, VPT etc.

BSNL PCO TariffsPulse Rate: BSNL has decided to contain merely two pulse duration with a view to make it easier for subscribers. One is 60 seconds pulse for ON-NET i.e. calling inside BSNL network for fixed and wireless phones. Second one is 45 seconds pulse for OFF-NET i.e. calling to other networks for fixed and wireless phones.

Tariff & Commission structure:  The tariff & Commission structure of current uniform rate (MRP) of Rs.1 and uniform “Defined rate” of Rs.0.662 of existing block less than or equal to 400 for entire calls from PCO during the billing period.
BSNL PCO Tariff Structure
Note: MRP-Maximum limit of the price permitted to be charged to public by PCO operator.
Defined rate- Basic price charged to PCO operators.

Minimum Guarantee:  Minimum Guarantee of PCOs as well as refreshed in rural locations from Rs.80 to Rs.120 monthly but there is no refreshment in cities and towns in this sphere. 

BSNL invariably provides its customers with dependable telecom services throughout the country and alll the terms and conditions shall remain as similar. The above mentioned all changes will be relevant from 01-05-2014.

Airtel Internet Data Plans & Voice Packages Tariff Rates Increased

Increase in tariff rates suggests the notch up charges shortly amongst telecom operators...
Bharti Airtel has heightened tariff rates of internet plans and voice calls of some imparting a suggestion of price notch up soon amongst the operators. The modification in tariff passed on April 3 where it lowered Rs.125 mobile internet plan to 21 days from 28 days in Delhi NCR circle. 
Airtel Internet Data Plans &  Voice Packages Tariff Rates Increased
However specific details on dates from when the modified tariff is applicable are missing in the Airtel website though it presented information on identical modified prices. The Telecom Regulatory authority of India still doesn’t referred to any such price hikes by operators.

Airtel has cut down benefit on many vouchers, for instance Rs.46 recharge voucher lowers STD and local calls to 45 p/min but now it will be 50 p/min where it slashed privilege to reduce call rates. Another such modification is with recharge coupon Rs.38 to Rs.48. Previously STD and local calls are charged 40 p/min but now it will be 45 p/min and instead of Rs.38 for the offer it is Rs.48 per recharge coupon.

Regardless to this headline tariffs are unmodified by Airtel operator. Discounts and promotional offers step down is common a process in the industry. Definitely base tariff rates are untouched but promotion packs modifications occur at regular intervals in order to update promotion plans portfolio unceasingly.

Vodafone and Idea Cellular as well lowered validity period of voucher from 30 days to 24 days. Idea Cellular tariff rates vary from one region to another which is grounded on local vendors and there exist no such common modification throughout the country.

Airtel is the leading telecom operator with 22 % market apportion containing 20 crore subscribers, and the mobile operators have hiked service charges recently due to aggressive competition in the market in the past few years.

BSNL Offers More Free Data Usage on EVDO Prepaid Data Packages & STVs

BSNL declared the improvement of free data and offers more data usage under EVDO data services...
BSNL the most reliable government owned service provider offers various plans depending on the customers demand for telecom and internet services. Recently it declared the increment of free data usage on Bundled Pre Paid EVDO Data plans and Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) along with post paid data packages which is two -fold greater than existing usage plan.

BSNL EVDO Prepaid Data Packages & STVs
Evolution –Data Optimized/ Evolution- Data (EVDO) facilitates rapid wireless broadband internet service straightaway to laptop or desktop. EVDO transmits data via radio signals for broadband internet access in general.

BSNL incremented free data usage by additional 100% from existing usage with EVDO prepaid Bundled Data Packages and as well as heightened up to 200% on EVDO Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs). BSNL Prepiad EVDO Bundled and Unlimited Data Plans applicable for this offer are tariff prices at Rs.150, Rs.250, Rs.500, Rs.750. EVDO prepaid Limited Data STVs plans applicable are Rs.170, Rs.285, Rs.565.
BSNL EVDO Prepaid Data Packages & STVs Tariff
Note: currently no reversion in truly unlimited data plans from existing tariff prices along with FUP speed confinement beyond limit is averted for Rs.750 package under BSNL EVDO Prepaid data plans.

These above mentioned BSNL EVDO Packages and Special Tariff Vouchers are relevant for entire existing and fresh subscribers with effect from 01-04-2014.

Airtel Launched 100 Retail Stores in India over 14 months

Airtel offers premium services to its customers through their COCO Airtel outlets...
Bharti Airtel gets over 100 company-owned-company-operated Airtel outlets all over the country. The company has launched 100 retail stores in the period of 14 months. The company-owned-company-operated (COCO) were established by Airtel to corroborate the company’s mobile, dongle, broadband connections.
Airtel Launched 100 Retail Stores in India over 14 months
Airtel motto is to furnish customers with superior technology and apart from it customer relationships are considered as significant core. The entire modern COCO Airtel outlets leverage the premium range of retail operations and technology.

In Mumbai area Airtel has launched eight outlets across Fort, Prabhadevi, Santacruz, Vile Parle, Thane. Airtel widened its retail stores to 35 cities and towns in a period of 14 months throughout 14 states. The company contains around 1000 staff employees in its entire outlets.


BSNL Reintroduced Combo Top Up Vouchers with Double Benefits this Time

In all over the telecom circles of BSNL prepaid customers are offered with Combo Top Up coupons...
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has introduced anew the Combo Top Up Recharge coupons providing blend of Usage Value and Free On-net calls under GSM prepaid mobile services.
BSNL Reintroduced Combo Top Up Vouchers
The Combo Top Up coupons provides double benefits to its both 2G and 3G subscribers by bestowing the Talk Time and Free On net calls between BSNL network in minutes validity period.

The Combo Top Up coupons are available at tariff prices Rs.111, Rs.222, Rs.333, Rs.555 with Rs.90, Rs.190, Rs.280, Rs.470 correspondingly usage talk time on Free On net calls in minutes 20, 40, 60, 90 days validity period. This is relevant to all existing pre paid subscribers of BSNL network as follows.
BSNL Reintroduced Combo Top Up Vouchers 111, 222, 333, 444
The mentioned Combo Top Up coupon of Rs.111, Rs.222, Rs.333, Rs.555 offer will be applicable for 90 days periods w.e.f. 15-04-2014.

Airtel Proffers 50 MB Free Data to its Customers on Elections

Airtel urged on prepaid customers to avail the free data to comprehend about right candidates to vote..
Bharti Airtel is providing its pre paid customers with 50 MB free data usage owing to Lok Sabha elections in the country. The company intent is to aid voters to select the right candidates by providing information.
Airtel Proffers 50 MB Free Data to its Customers on Elections
The offer is available for prepaid customers in Delhi NCR, Haryana, Kerala circles where the polls will be from 7 AM to 7 PM. The personal view of Airtel is to render its customers with the facility of going online to browse information about polling candidates earlier to voting any candidate.

Airtel is promoting right to know about their leaders earlier to voting, thus bringing in the power of transparency in the state of affairs during elections. Almost 150 candidates in Delhi region are contending for Lok Sabha elections.

With the offered free data pre paid customers can post the information and related photos on social platform to encourage acquaintances and close circle people to utilize their right to vote.

BSNL Hiked Rural Broadband Unlimited Plan Charges & Increased Bandwidth

BB Rural Combo ULD 500 plan FMC has been increased and Stable Bandwidth alteration takes place in its entire telecom regions...  
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) the largest state run telecom operator is the most reliable service provider in the country that offers affordable broadband plans to its customers. BSNL provides versatile services to suit the customer requirements.

BSNL has updated the Fixed Monthly Charge (FMC) and Bandwidth for Broadband Home Rural ULD 500 package where the tariff rate from Rs.500 is hiked to Rs.550 in entire regions in the country, and the bandwidth of 512 Kbps will remain same throughout which was different from earlier mentioned speed after 6 GB usage i.e. 256 Kbps. The updated price is relevant to existing and new Broadband subscribers.
BSNL Broadband Unlimited Rural Combo Plan Charges
Existing subscribers who selected Broadband plan and are under Annual/Two Year/ three year payment option earlier to tariff update they may be obviated from extra charge until the validity period expiration.

Entire terms and conditions applicable to the BSNL Unlimited Home Broadband Plan shall remain unaltered, and the price revision shall be effective from 01-05-2014 in entire BSNL regions across India.

Tablet Sales in India Staying on Flat in 2014 - Owing to Couple of Factors

Compared to previous year 2013, tablets growth considered likely to be static in 2014...
Tablet device sales in India anticipated staying on static in the year 2014 due to couple of factors which are compulsory BIS compliance and enhanced requirement for phablets in the market.
Tablet Sales in India Staying on Flat in 2014
 Among developing countries tablets growth is drastic in Asia Pacific and China nations while Brazil, India, Russian countries are as well as likely to witness substantial development. In the previous year tablet sales stepped up 56.4 % to 4.14 million units where it is 2.66 million in 2012 year. Affordable devices were provided by Micromax and Lava which propelled the requirement in the market.

The principal ground for tablet static growth in 2014 accounts to compulsory Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification by government and heightened favorability towards phablet devices (5 to 7 inches screen size smartphones) credibly impede the progress of tablets in market place.

Despite the fact, tablets penetration has been increased among commercial users in the domains of finance, health care, media, education etc.. The postponement in BIS certification is likely to impact the introduction of various gadgets by companies.