iPhone user want to taste the hottest Android OS Lollipop, an App to Switch from iOS to Android

Trying to explore app rich android mobile…iPhone user…iphone App is there to help u to migrate to Android

iPhone really a brand that everyone wants to have. At the same time iPhone is the one brand which is costly to maintain and with very limited free apps to explore. This makes us to think about an app rich android OS. With the latest release of new version Android operating system, Lollipop, Google has released a guide for the users who wants to migrate from iPhone to Android.
iOS to Android OS Lollipop Migration Procedure

In general if are using a feature based phone, switching to new phone is too much disgusting…like writing contacts or exporting to local PC and them importing from PC to new phone.. Here you have to forcibly loose the messages…Photos also has to copied or taken backup manually.. Now a days after the entry of smart phones the migration part was very simple….When it comes to same OS.

The same migration of contacts, snaps, music and messages to another OS is still step mother concern. To address the same issue google alongside to Lollipop launch released a guide to switch from iOS to Android.

Procedure for Migration from iOS to Android in Brief

Before powering on the new Android mobile, on the first hand if your are having Gmail account then it is ok.
If you are not having a Gmail account then immediately create a new one.
  • Come to your iPhone
  • Go to Settings, 
  • then to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,"
  • then to “Accounts”
  • Go to iCLoud option
  • check whether contacts sync option  was enabled or not, 
  • if not please enable it. 
  • Then come iCloud login in browser
  • Go to contacts and export the contacts to vCard.
  • Transfer the file to your gmail account
  • Got to Gmail contacts and upload the vCard file.
After that go to your new mobile and give your email account while setting up and start contacts sync. Then all the contacts from Gmail will be synced to your mail. In the same line install Google plus app in iPhone and sync all the snaps in iPhone to Google plus.

From Google plus download the snaps to your mobile. Similar to snaps music from iTunes can also be uploaded to the new mobile. Try these procedures and post comments if you found any other mechanism to do the same.

Grab the Best Offer from Reliance for Acer Chrome Book C720 @ EMI

You can have Acer Chrome Book with a little EMI along Reliance (R Com)Net Connection

We all knew that only in US we can have a device with connection on EMI basis. Reliance broke the silence in India by introducing iPhone 5S on EMI basis, which made us to think of having a iPhone. Now Reliance is trying to encourage students with its Acer Chrome Book C720 plan along with internet connection on very minimal EMI basis.
Best Offer from Reliance for Acer Chrome Book C720 @ EMI
Coming to Acer Chrome Book 720, a top rated chrome book.. The features are as follows
  • Best in Class battery backup of 8.5 Hrs with 1.4 GHzIntel® Celeron™ Dual Core processor with 2 MB cache with 2GB DDR3 RAM. 16GB SSD
  • Boots up within 8 seconds…faster than a traditional laptop.
  • Built in antivirus protection..you can skip sleepless nights as you can expect less virus/malware attacks.
  • Being Googles specification you can have best default apps and also you can your apps of your interest.
  • Thin and Less weight of around 1.25 kg with 1366X 768 display, you can enjoy photos viewing and video streaming.
  • 1 X USB 3.0, 1 X USB 2.0 , HDMI port, Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible.
  • You can Sync data to your other Android devices or even take backup to cloud.
After seeing these specifications you will be really surprised by seeing the EMI option of Reliance as a bundled offer. It consists Acer C720 chrome book with Reliance Netconnect data card with the options available below.
ACER Chrome Book EMI Tenure in Months #
Down Payment
Rs 1799 24 10GB Rs.37105
Rs 1999 24 20GB Rs.41228
Rs 2783 12 10GB Rs.37105
Rs 2991 24 20GB Rs.41228
Rs 1090 24 ----* Rs.22490
Rs.2009 12 ----* Rs.22490
*Only for laptop without data connection.
# After Tenure of the plan you can have Reliance Netconnect + plans as on date available.
Reliance HSD features are mentioned below, it works on windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/Mac 10.5x onwards, Supports CDMA 1x RTT & CDMA 1xEVDO Rev A.

Offer Valid for post-paid connection only. Can have 3.1 Mbps on Reliance HSD network, speed will be switched to 144 Kbps where ever there is no HSD coverage. Beyond the limit speed will be readjusted to 144 Kbps.

If you are a student or planning for second laptop you have compulsory Consider this option as it is bundled with data connection any how per month you have to have a pay for internet and as whole if you see you are not spending much…

Are You a TATA DOCOMO Channel Partner, Pack your Luggage for Overseas Travel

TATA DOCOMO to encourage competition among their channel partners with monetary and priority entitlements

TATA Docomo One of the trusted brands of Indian telecom industry is aiming to increase its market share. In this regard it is trying to get this by improving service quality from their post-paid channel partners. For TATA DOCOMO is going to launch club premier program for partners.
TATA DOCOMO Channel Partner, Pack your Luggage for Overseas Travel
TATA Docomo is having its services in place among 19 telecom circles. TATA and Docomo both worlds prestigious and renowned brands came together to offer services in INDIA. TATA DOCOMO is trying to increase its penetration and user base. They are having many plans in place to do this.

To the consumer the face of TATA DOCOMO on the first place will the channel partner. So from their side to improve quality of service from channel partners and also to bring sense of belongingness towards the brand, TATA DOCOMO has launched one performance related premier program

This Premier Program was involves monetary benefits, exclusive and priority entitlements, training at offshore locations, gold coins, even Overseas travel and also interaction with top management etc., TATA DOCOMO team told that it has charecterized the program under silver, gold and platinum partners with different levels of advantages.

This is primarily aimed at Post paid Channel Partners of TATA DOCOMO, and it is the customer who will be benefited as quality of service among channel partner during this healthy competition.

Nokia 130, Really a Mobile Phone with 36Days Standby Time

Nokia 130, Mobile Phone for a Non Techie User, Not a Smartphone Savy

Consider you are on travel and as usual all of our smart phones will be battery hunger leaving our top rated smart phone merely useless, means we can’t even use the basic necessity from a phone which it has to do, a simple call. For all us Nokia has found a solution which can be on standby for 36 days even with Dual –SIM feature that is Nokia 130 feature phone.
Nokia 130, Really a Mobile Phone with 36Days Standby Time
Ok for me another requirement is, I need a phone for my grandma.. she needs a phone for only calling feature, she doesn’t requires a camera, she doesn’t require internet connection, we require her phone should have standby network connection ( Dual-SIM), It should be from one of the best OEM’s and the one major problem is she can’t monitor her battery status means we require a phone with longest standby time.

The above two requirements will be the Latest Branded phone Nokia 130. Nokia 130 important specifications as below.
  • Works on 2G
  • 68.6 g weight easy to carry.
  • Loud speaker is there with FM radio and extendable memory card with 32GB support.
  • Bluetooth for file sharing
  • 36 days of standby time, 13Hours talk time and 16 Hours play time.
  • These are the features really matters for above said requirements.

So Mobile, Go for Nokia 130 as standby mobile, if your required a real standby mobile phone. 

BSNL Offering 3G Data @ Lowest Price - 1ps for 10KB

BSNL Post Paid customers can enjoy 1 GB of data only for Rs 140/- for one month and Prepaid Customers can enjoy for 155/- for 1 month, which is very low cost compare to all other service providers.
BSNL Offering 3G Data @ Lowest Price - 1ps for 10KB
BSNL is providing its 3G services over 2400 cities across India. BSNL is the only company which is serving its 3G services with the competitive Networks with lowest price of 10KB/1ps of 3G Data

Post paid Customers of other Networks are paying 10ps for 10Kb of 3G data. BSNL postpaid customers are paying only 1ps for 10KB of 3G Data without roaming charges & without any hidden charges with a detailed Bill statement.

BSNL Top Official Shri Anupam Srivatsav said that along with one year plan of RS 1251/- plan with 750 MB of one year validity, pay only Rs 600/- and get 3.6 MBPS data card, For RS 2299 plan with 1.5 GB of one year validity, pay only Rs 300/- and get 3.6 MBPS data card & For RS 3299 plan with 2.5 GB of one year validity, pay only Rs 300/- and get 3.6MBPS data card.

For all other Information about these low price plans and Special Tariff Vouchers, customers can visit www.bsnl.co.in

Reliance Catalogued Samsung Victory 4G CDMA Smartphone With or Without Zero Plan Offer

Reliance official website catalogued the Samsung Victory 4G Android smartphone with or without the Zero Plan offer. Samsung Victory 4G is nearly 2 year aged CDMA smartphone with 4G LTE Network.
Reliance Catalogued Samsung Victory 4G CDMA smartphone With or Without Zero Plan Offer
 We won’t suggest you to buy it since it is essentially 2 years old and investing such a huge amount have to think twice. Its surprising how Reliance has decided to brought out such an old smartphone on their Connectivity.

The device can get on either 6 months, 12 months or 24 months EMI option. Down Payment for the handset will be Rs 12,790 (without Zero Plan) or Rs 29,789 (with Zero Plan) to buy on EMI.

The Samsung Victory 4G has a 4 inch TFT LCD screen, MSM 8960 dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, Adreno 225 GPU, 1GB of RAM, 4GB internal storage, microSD card slot, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a 2100 mAh battery.

BSNL brings out New STV “Friends & Family” for Mobile Users

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has introduced new Prepaid Special Tariffs for “Friends and Family” to lower the price of call charges for BSNL GSM Prepaid Mobile Customers. With this Prepaid Customers can enjoy STV (Special Tariff Voucher) Services in lesser pricing.

BSNL New STV “Friends & Family” for Mobile Users
The newly launched STV (Special Tariff Voucher) for “Friends & Family” with rock bottom call charges will be applicable including Existing and New GSM prepaid Mobile Customers and this will be implemented from August 1st 2014.

BSNL STV (Special Tariff Voucher) will be available for Just Rs 97, and this New “Friends and Family” prepaid STV will comes with extending validity of 90 days to offer possibility of changes in 'Friends & Family' numbers in next recharge after 90 days with the subsequent tariff as
  • Free 60 minute Talk time for any Voice Call.
  • For 'Friends & Family' less call charges up to five local numbers except in Roaming.BSNL Mobile to Mobile & Mobile to Landline calls will be @20p/Min, Any other Network will be charged @ 40p/Min.
  • Local SMS to any network will be charged @ 10ps/SMS and STD SMS to any network @ 50p/SMS.
  • Every STV Recharge should specify the Five F&F Numbers.
  • “Friends & Family” Numbers can’t be changed in 90 days period in one recharge of STV.