Airtel AP & Telangana 2G, 3G Prepaid Internet Data Special Tariff Vouchers(Rate Cutters) & Tariff

Indian Largest Telecom Private Player, Airtel  offers variety range of 2G & 3G prepaid data plans for Andhrapradesh(AP) & Telangana with seamless working through a reliable high speed wireless internet for mobile, smartphone, tablet, or a wireless data card must have for you.
Airtel AP & Telangana 2G, 3G Prepaid Internet Data Special Tariff Vouchers(Rate Cutters) & Tariff
Airtel offers common data plans for two states(Andhrapradesh(AP) & Telangana) mobile internet subscribers from lower end to higher end with reliable prices from Rs.18 to Rs.251, offers 75MB to Unlimited internet data at 2G Speed.

Airtel has also offers highest  speed data 3G services across AP and Telangana with a lowest data pack of just Rs.11 to highest pack of Rs.1555 for unlimited 3G internet applicable for 3G handsets and 3G USB data cards (dongles).
STV Price
2G Internet Data Offered
18 75MB 3 days
35 175MB 6 Days
39 200MB 7 days
59 300MB 10 days
98 500MB 2 weeks
156 1GB 4 weeks
199 Unlimited 2G Internet, Post 2GB speed@40kbps 4 weeks
251 Unlimited 2G Internet, Post 3GB speed@40kbps 28 Days
STV Price
3G Internet Data Offered
11 25MB of 3G data 1 day
43 200MB Whatsapp Data (Speed basis network selected) 30 Days
49 150 MB of 3G data 7 days
99 300 MB of 3G Data 21 days
149 500 MB of 3G data 28 days
155 350MB 3G + 350MB 2G data 28
255 1 GB of 3G data 28 days
355 1.5 GB 3G Data 28 days
455 2 GB of 3G data 28 days
655 3GB + Post 3GB unlimited@80kbps 28 days
755 4GB + Post 4GB Unlimited@throttled speed 28 days
855 5GB + Post 5GB unlimited@80kbps 28 days
955 6GB + Post 6GB unlimited@80kbps 28 days
1255 9GB + Post 9GB unlimited@80kbps 28 days
1555 12GB + Post 12GB unlimited@80kbps 28 days
These above mentioned 2G & 3G DATA Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) has been available as a regular rate cutters(boosters), which shall be applicable for all Andhrapradesh(AP) & Telangana Airtel Prepaid Mobile & Dongle subscribers.

BSNL Offering 3G Data @ Lowest Price - 1ps for 10KB

BSNL Post Paid customers can enjoy 1 GB of data only for Rs 140/- for one month and Prepaid Customers can enjoy for 155/- for 1 month, which is very low cost compare to all other service providers.
BSNL Offering 3G Data @ Lowest Price - 1ps for 10KB
BSNL is providing its 3G services over 2400 cities across India. BSNL is the only company which is serving its 3G services with the competitive Networks with lowest price of 10KB/1ps of 3G Data

Post paid Customers of other Networks are paying 10ps for 10Kb of 3G data. BSNL postpaid customers are paying only 1ps for 10KB of 3G Data without roaming charges & without any hidden charges with a detailed Bill statement.

BSNL Top Official Shri Anupam Srivatsav said that along with one year plan of RS 1251/- plan with 750 MB of one year validity, pay only Rs 600/- and get 3.6 MBPS data card, For RS 2299 plan with 1.5 GB of one year validity, pay only Rs 300/- and get 3.6 MBPS data card & For RS 3299 plan with 2.5 GB of one year validity, pay only Rs 300/- and get 3.6MBPS data card.

For all other Information about these low price plans and Special Tariff Vouchers, customers can visit

Reliance Catalogued Samsung Victory 4G CDMA Smartphone With or Without Zero Plan Offer

Reliance official website catalogued the Samsung Victory 4G Android smartphone with or without the Zero Plan offer. Samsung Victory 4G is nearly 2 year aged CDMA smartphone with 4G LTE Network.
Reliance Catalogued Samsung Victory 4G CDMA smartphone With or Without Zero Plan Offer
 We won’t suggest you to buy it since it is essentially 2 years old and investing such a huge amount have to think twice. Its surprising how Reliance has decided to brought out such an old smartphone on their Connectivity.

The device can get on either 6 months, 12 months or 24 months EMI option. Down Payment for the handset will be Rs 12,790 (without Zero Plan) or Rs 29,789 (with Zero Plan) to buy on EMI.

The Samsung Victory 4G has a 4 inch TFT LCD screen, MSM 8960 dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, Adreno 225 GPU, 1GB of RAM, 4GB internal storage, microSD card slot, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a 2100 mAh battery.

BSNL brings out New STV “Friends & Family” for Mobile Users

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has introduced new Prepaid Special Tariffs for “Friends and Family” to lower the price of call charges for BSNL GSM Prepaid Mobile Customers. With this Prepaid Customers can enjoy STV (Special Tariff Voucher) Services in lesser pricing.

BSNL New STV “Friends & Family” for Mobile Users
The newly launched STV (Special Tariff Voucher) for “Friends & Family” with rock bottom call charges will be applicable including Existing and New GSM prepaid Mobile Customers and this will be implemented from August 1st 2014.

BSNL STV (Special Tariff Voucher) will be available for Just Rs 97, and this New “Friends and Family” prepaid STV will comes with extending validity of 90 days to offer possibility of changes in 'Friends & Family' numbers in next recharge after 90 days with the subsequent tariff as
  • Free 60 minute Talk time for any Voice Call.
  • For 'Friends & Family' less call charges up to five local numbers except in Roaming.BSNL Mobile to Mobile & Mobile to Landline calls will be @20p/Min, Any other Network will be charged @ 40p/Min.
  • Local SMS to any network will be charged @ 10ps/SMS and STD SMS to any network @ 50p/SMS.
  • Every STV Recharge should specify the Five F&F Numbers.
  • “Friends & Family” Numbers can’t be changed in 90 days period in one recharge of STV.

Airtel Extents, 4G Internet DATA Services for Amritsar, Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala & Phagwara

Bharti Airtel Announced the launch of its 4G Extension in another four new cities Amritsar, Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala & Phagwara in Punjab circle followed by Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Jalandhar  and Ludhiana.

Airtel Extents, 4G Internet DATA Services in Amritsar, Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala & PhagwaraNow Airtel Customers of these cities can enjoy  4G High speed Internet  data Services  by Wi-Fi & 4G DATA Dongles even in iPhone 5S and 5C smartphones along with new arrivals which supports Xolo LT 900 and LG G2 (model D802T).

Bharti Airtel (India), expressed new launch of about the 4G services "Fulfills a huge market requirement” for their privileged users, and the Airtel 4G DATA Internet Services can be used by Airtel customers on Mobiles also by upgrading to new Universal SIM (USIM)/ 4G SIM by their selecting plans from Airtel newly introduced 4G Plan Tariffs.

With the purchase of new 4G dongles or CPE from Airtel,  USIM will be given as  free for new customers, where the Mobile users have to buy the USIM at just Rs 49.  New 4G Dongles will be costed at Rs 1500 and CPE tagged at just Rs 2500.

On subscription of Airtel 4G Postpaid Data Plan of Rs.999 , customers will be given 10 GB of 4G data as is free and prepaid mobile Customers can get the same offer for Rs 995. Airtel customers can enjoy the 4G data services from lowest amount of Rs.100 .  Airtel 4G data plans can be enjoyed by the customer from just Rs 100.

Airtel launches their showrooms across four towns(Amritsar, Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala & Phagwara) in Punjab by having their 4G special demo and Newsstands available with the Details of newly Launched 4G Plans & Services by AIRTEL.

Vodafone Might take over Tata’s Teleservices as a strategic acquisition

Vodafone one of the world’s strongest mobile service provider wants to expand its empire in India. As per the statistics India’s No.2 Service Provider Vodafone, stand at fourth place @ enterprise segment in India after Airtel, BSNL, and Reliance Communications. As Vodafone was strong at mobility services and is finding some gap in fixed infrastructure area. Vodafone wants to expand its perimeter organically by acquisition of TATA teleservices.

One of the top level Vodafone executive told that, to expand Vodafone revenue in India, It has to expand its business to enterprise segment. When it comes to mobility Vodafone is having the all the required stuff with itself, with that Vodafone can expand only to small pockets where fixed telephony is still a far to think.

Expected to be an organic expansion, still there was no official communication, Industry sources are telling that Vodafone wants to acquire Tata Teleservices and discussions are in place. From Tata Teleservices point of view, Company is not performing well and NTT DoCoMo exit in April, tell the economic stature of the company.

Furthermore from Vodafone point of view, Subscriber base may not play a vital role for acquisitions, License of circles, type of business where Vodafone has not having an edge, ie., Tata 40% of business comes from enterprise customer segment, Tata Teleservices is having largest optical fibre network layed.

With the strategic acquisition of TATA tele services by Vodafone, Vodafone wants to scale its rank from       4 to 3, with in this financial year. If this happens Vodafone may emerge a strong contender to all other major players. Lets wait and watch, what ever it may be, for a customers like us we need a Best Quality of service at reliable cost, This will be there if these two service providers will merge. Both of them gives greater importance to Service Quality.

Cellphone towers Mobile Radiation may not cause Cancer, Brain Tumours, and Insomnia etc

We all are in a mind-set that, exposure to cell phone radiation may result. This is the reason why people doesn’t want to stay near the tower installations. General assumptions are like exposure to Radiation from Cellphone tower may result in Cancer, Brain Tumours, Neurological dis-orders, Memory loss, Insomnia and also Impotency.

But this myth as to be relooked by every one of us. As on today without wireless technology you will be felt that you may be from Stone Age. And wireless technology is every ware you walk, live or even when you sleep. As per the usage is going to increase exponentially, Installation of Cellphone towers and apprehensions surrounding the new tower installations and also the Installation Norms are all to be intact for the support of standards and economic position of any Country.
Keeping this in mind Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), an mobile association which was formed with both telecom majors and major equipment manufacturers, came forward to drive off the myth that radiation from Cellphone Towers may cause Cancer. COAI brought experts from various streams, like 
 Oncology, Radiology, Molecular and Physical Science and World Health Organisation, Who studied the effect of Electro Magnetic Waves and Radio Frequency Radiation on Human health.
As per the report COAI told that it hasn’t found any significant harm from the telecom equipment radiation. Furthermore experts told that the RF waves what we use in mobile technology are of lowest end of the EMF spectrum. As WHO told, the penetration of EMF radiation is only 1-2 mm, so this radiation may not have any adverse effect even in case of pregnant women. There is no significant data available to support the theory that there may be adverse effect for Cell Radiation.
But any how it is too early to say that there is no harm from cell radiation, as this technology is still at nascent stage of its evolution. Please follow some careful guidelines for better health while using latest mobile technologies.
  • Don’t Keep Mobile in Pockets, Don’t Keep Mobiles near you bed while you sleep.
  • Unplug Wi-Fi after use at your home and use wired network where ever there is a possibility.
  • Use Mobile Phones with lesser SAR value.